Natali Koromoto Martinez is an illustrator and designer, born and raised in Venezuela, now living in NYC.
You can usually find Natali in her Brooklyn studio designing fun home goods and accessories for her independent label, Natali Koromoto, and her small-batch unisex clothing boutique, Ho Hos Hole in The Wall.

Natali keeps active with various freelance work as well, having done illustrations for The New York Times, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, HULUand more, and has had the honor of being part of the judging panel for the Surface/Product Design category for the Society of Illustrators.

Like many of you, some of Natali's favorite things include traveling, seafood, and dogs.

Watch Natali talk about herself and art in this Buzzfeed video. 

Or listen to her episode of the "Draws in Spanish" podcast.