"Grub Grab Bag" Reusable Bag

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Grub pouch!💛🐛 Beetle bag! 🪲💙

This super lightweight, versatile reusable bag folds into a cinched pouch and travels small. I love these little bags—they can fit in your pants pocket and can carry just about anything, not just for the grocery store. 

Made by in-house clothing brand Ho Hos Hole In The Wall
Ho Hos for you!    ¡Ho Hos para ti! 🐜     🐜🐜🐜 

  • Holds up to 45 lbs (20kg)
  • Bag folds into a pocket-sized Grub pouch 5" × 4" (13x6cm)
  • Grub pouch and Beetle bag are sewn together
  • Cinched carrying strap
  • Measures 25" × 15" × 6" (64x38x15cm)
  • Recycled ripstop polyester. 3 water bottles were recycled to make fabric for each bag!


-Machine wash cold on delicate. 
-Don't use bleach.
-Wash inside out.
-Line dry.
-Do not iron.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amelia Barlow

I bought both the tins and the 3 different bag options I LOVE THEM!!! if you have reusable bags you NEED these they're so big and they can hold anything it's amazing. I only got them a week ago and I've used all three multiple times they're so frickin cute. The cutest modern solution I'm in love. You can wear it anywhere as a tote too!

wonderful bag!

its so cute and small enough to easily fit my bag's pockets but also wow i have a different reusable bag and i didn't realize how small it was.. this one was able to fit twice as much as that one! while also looking really cute haha I'm super pleased!

Grubby Buddy

I love this reusable bag! It's large capacity comes in handy at the farmer's market and the colors are so vibrant and fun. Thank you for my grubby buddy. <3

My favorite reusable bag!

Adorable and functional. I love that the outer grub bag is attached to the full size bag so they stay together. This bag brings me SO much joy❤️

Cute and Handy!

I love this little bag, everyone I show it to loves it too! It’s like a fun party, but it’s also such a great bag to grab on the go for things. The little bug pouch is also attached to the bigger bag when it opens so you won’t lose it when opening it.